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My vet at the American Canine Institute was always ready and waiting for me before i even got there. Such a great experience.

They helped me with the leash and the collar, the proper adjustment of everything and how to act around the puppy. They cared more than your typical trainers on keeping your dog safe which is extremely important to me. They reviewed the typical tic cycles, flees and what kind of medication the dogs can use. Absolutely amazing services and satisfied doesn't even describe it!

The ACI Team loves dogs! Their focus wasn't just on making my dog listen and behave, their focus was on making my dog feel happy and secure. This made a huge difference and they are very caring and professional.

Gene is always willing to answer all of our questions and he explains everything he does very well.

Gene and his staff were very accommodating and were willing to go out of their way for the best interest of my dog he trained. He really puts the emphasis on socializing them and they ultimately seem happier and are better behaved to this day.

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