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Attorney McDonald pays close attention while his client is speaking. He never interrupts and responds in a thoughtful and knowledgeable way. If he needs to consult something else for an answer, he will stop giving information until he can get back with you in a timely fashion with the correct answer.

Jerry is attentive and really takes the time to listen to me and my questions. You can rely on him and that's why I would recommend him.

I was very happy with the work that the Law Office of Jerry A. McDonald did for me. The final resolution was what I wanted it to be which was great. Best outcome I could have asked for.

I was very pleased with the Law Office of Jerry McDonald. Jerry was great and it was very convenient working with him.

I have used Jerry's services for a few years. He is an awesome attorney that has helped me greatly. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know that needs his services.

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