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I've been using their services around 2 years. They are really good to me. Kimberly, the woman that comes up here to clean...she really takes pride in her work. She cleans and waxes my floors just like it was her own home. She wants it to look really good. Shes awesome! They all help me out a lot. -R.H.

The way they help me is great. My husbands blood pressure is so low right now. He's very weak and cant even get up. He barely is able to do anything. BUT thank god for Unity Home Health! I don't know what I'd do without them. They do such a great job helping me out. -Risbey H.

There My husband has very low blood pressure and can't get up on his own. It has been great having Unity I there to help us out. They are amazing and so friendly. I really appreciate their help!

The woman who comes to clean my aunts house really does a fantastic job. She helps me out a lot!

The people that we have come in contact with take great pride in their work. They handle everything and do a great job. I would recommend them to anyone!

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