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Anytime that I need something done on my car I give Scott a call because I know that he'll get me in ASAP. He does the best work in Brockport and I never get overcharged. Its awesome that all of the people here are professional and honest, the prices reflect the work done and no more.

Scott has been my mechanic for quite a while, and always helps me out whenever I need simple maintenance work done for my car like an oil change, safety inspection, and basically whatever little thing it needs to keep it running. Never had anything major done, but he's always gone above and beyond to help. With Nichols Service, I know I can bring it in early morning and only need to wait a short time before they finish the job. It's a more personable shop. When I brought the car to the dealership in the past they told me when it's done and took my money, but the Nichols staff is always talking with me and seeing how i'm doing. They're more like friends. Since they're a smaller repair shop in Brockport I expect the friendly atmosphere there. -Jean-

Over the years Nichols Service has fixed up my car whenever there has been a problem. Whatever needs fixing gets fixed. They're close to where I work so I've brought my car to them in the past and I've had some positive experiences. They always fix the car, and they even came and picked me up when I was alone and stranded one time. -Dave

For many years my friends suggested I start going to Nichols to service my vehicles. I wish that I had taken their advice sooner! Its a great place to bring your cars, they're timely and always friendly..its refreshing.

I've been using Nichols service for about three years now and I have been a happy customer ever since. They have done work on my Chevy and I trust that they are the best place to go in the area. Scotty is great too he can talk to me about golf while fixing my car and I can't ask for more from a repair shop.

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