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My daughter was struggling with severe headaches when she would do work on the computer or reading for a long period of time. After starting therapy at LeBlanc Eye Center we immediately saw the results of less headaches and she was able to focus much better because she wasn't in pain. Thank you for all your help.

LeBlanc was able to take me in and take care of my troubled vision so I can see better. I am now able to sit in the back of the classroom and focus

It's hard not to recommend Dr. LeBlanc. I know so many people who could use a visit to him.

I am so grateful for Le Blanc Eye Care Center. Since starting therapy there I've seen my daughter's writing improve tremendously.

My daughter was having constant headaches so I took her to our physician. Our physician said it could be due to her vision after they gave her a basic eye exam. LeBlanc Eye Center gave my daughter her concentration back.

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